Rural Self Build Loan Fund and R.HOUSE R.Starter Launch

22nd June 2024

Communities Housing Trust


Our building firm, James MacQueen Building Contractors, are delighted to partner with Communities Housing Trust for many of our social housing projects, such as those in Kilbeg with partners Sabhal Mor Ostaig, award winning Taighean a' Chaiseil in Staffin, as well as Reraig and Flodigary.

Giving back to our local communities is at the heart of R.HOUSE. We are all incredibly aware of the need for affordable local housing and maintaining communities, as are our clients.

Many speak with us about these very issues when we meet and how they want to be part of the solution, having JMQB, Rural Design and R.HOUSE, local companies, employing local people, building and designing their home.

When you purchase your dream R.HOUSE this is what you are also buying into: community.

As well as offering rent to buy and social housing, Communities Housing Trust offer a great solution for those struggling to gain a self-build mortgage through the mainstream lenders. The Self Build Loan Fund is open for individuals and families who are unable to obtain self-build mortgage finance, with the maximum loan amount being £175,000. The fund is open until August 2025. Head over to Communities Housing Trust to find out more.

We see a great synergy between our R.STARTER range and CHT. The R.STARTER has been developed to help bridge the gap. A sustainable, architecturally designed, yet affordable, home which is perfect for downsizers, first time buyers, or young families who wish to grow into their homes as their families grow.

Auldern - Rent to buy
Auldern - Rent to buy


The Communities Housing Trust (CHT) is a registered charity and social enterprise focused on building sustainable rural communities across central and northern Scotland.

Founded in 1998 as the Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust, CHT has earned a reputation for providing essential affordable housing and accompanying amenities such as shops, services and schools, which are all key to the sustainable social and economic wealth and wellbeing of our communities.

Taking a holistic view and a creative approach that looks beyond just housing, CHT works cooperatively with a wide range of public and private stakeholders to actively tackle repopulation and find viable solutions to the evolving challenges of community development in less well-served places.