Self-Build Mortgages Scotland

Self-build mortgages in the UK behave differently from traditional mortgages, releasing funds in stages to create the cash flow needed to build a home.

A self-build mortgage is, therefore, a viable option for those who can't afford to finance the entire build from savings – especially if you have limited deposit remaining after you have purchased your plot of land.

However, navigating the world of UK self-build mortgages isn't easy. This type of mortgage is less widely available, and often unavailable from the usual high street lenders. To successfully obtain a self-build mortgage in the UK, the help of a self-build mortgage lender will usually need to be enlisted.

The good news is we are excited to say we have partnered with Ecology Building Society on their exclusive 'off-site build' mortgage!

Ecology Building Society's Off-Site Build Mortgages

Ecology Building Society are experts in providing mortgages for unique off-site build projects, also referred to as Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) or modular builds.

They support builds that are energy efficient using sustainable and locally sourced materials.

Ecology Building Society’s off-site mortgages are the perfect fit for our environmentally conscious clients and R.HOUSE architecturally design-led sustainable homes.


R.HOUSE is one of only four leading modular house manufacturers in the UK to partner with Ecology Building Society on this innovative mortgage offer! We are delighted to be able to make this self-build mortgage available to our clients.
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