Self-Build Homes: Our Process

At the heart of R.HOUSE we're trying to make a difficult process easy, building houses efficiently, sustainably and as affordable as possible.

R.HOUSE self-build homes are fully project managed by us through our complete Turnkey Service. We work with you from the very start, even advising on the suitability of your proposed building plot, to handing you the keys on completion.

Sit back, relax, we'll handle it!

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The cost and timescale for every project are different. We start with a standard list price (which includes the R.HOUSE house design, our Turnkey Service and Standard Specifications for the build) and then adjust it depending on your needs and vision for your dream self-build.

The good news, however, is that the project and build steps explained below remain the same for most projects and describe when and how we confirm costs and timescale.

Our Project and Build Process ensures your house is delivered on time, to budget and meets our exacting quality standards and your requirements.

Check out our film below about Our Process.

R.HOUSE Pre-Build Project Steps

STEP ONE: Finding and Buying A Plot

Here begins your journey to building your dream home. For valuable advice and inspiration, browse our Plots for sale and read our Guide to Buying a Building Plot.

STEP TWO: Choose your R.HOUSE design

We offer a variety of sizes and layouts of timber-framed kit homes in our R.HOUSE range, all of which you can upgrade, personalise and modify to suit your needs, budget and land.

STEP THREE: Preliminary Cost Stage

Once you have decided on the R.HOUSE model, including additions, upgrades and modifications, we can prepare a Budget Quote considering your building plot's specific characteristics, delivery and on-site erection/construction and completion.

We recommend you have a contingency fund (10 per cent above the quote) to account for changes in costs estimated at this stage.

STEP FOUR: Funding (Mortgages and Loans)

After receiving the Budget Quote, you must ensure you have the finances to proceed.

In our experience, securing a mortgage for a new self-build project from the usual high street lenders can be challenging. However, should you require a self-build mortgage, we have partnered with the Ecology Building Society on their exclusive ‘off-site build’ advance payment mortgages. Find out more about how to secure a self-build mortgage for the purchase of your new prefabricated home.

For bridging loans and other funding needs, we can recommend experienced and reputable finance specialists who operate within the Highlands.

STEP FIVE: Final Cost, Contract and Payments

Once all the details of your build are agreed you will receive the final Formal Quote and other important documentation.

The first stage payment of 5% of the total contract value will be payable after you sign the contract.

We operate a ten-stage payment plan where key stages of the build attract a percentage of the overall build cost, so you know exactly how much and when you need to pay.


R.HOUSE Build Process

STEP ONE: Planning Permission

Our architects will now prepare drawings to submit your planning application. A planning application focuses on how your proposal ‘looks’. The process for obtaining planning permission typically takes up to 12 weeks from submission.

STEP TWO: Designing and choosing finishings for your home

Once planning permission is granted, we will start to draft your building warrant drawings. The building warrant focuses on how your home is built and whether it meets the building regulations requirements.

This step is when you choose personal finishes for your dream home, including the kitchen, bathroom, and flooring, right down to the position of light switches and plug sockets.

STEP THREE: Consents/Services and Commencement of Site Works

We will submit the final building warrant drawings to your local council’s Building Standards Department. The process for obtaining a building warrant typically takes up to 12 weeks.

While we wait for the building warrant, we can begin some early-stage works at your site, e.g., forming the access road, preparing for the foundations and the initial steps to connect your services (electric, water, telephone).

STEP FOUR: The Manufacture of Your House on Skye

Once the building warrant is issued, we prepare the complete manufacture and construction drawings. We can then start to build the timber-frame panels at our site on Skye.

STEP FIVE: House Erection and Internal Fit-Out

We erect your house on your site – this only takes a few days, and suddenly your dream becomes a reality.

Once wind and watertight, the internal fit-out begins – plumbing, heating, electrics, kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, tiling – we install everything you have selected to our high standards and your specifications.

STEP SIX: The Handover

Each building project varies, but we expect to complete your house within 9 to 12 months of the commencement of site works.

On handover day, we will meet you at your new home for a final walkthrough and answer any questions.

Once official business is complete, all that is left to do is the best bit, presenting you with the keys, joining you to celebrate this momentous occasion and then leaving you to enjoy your new home.

STEP SEVEN: Remedial Works

Your R.HOUSE contract includes a 6-month defects (snagging) period, which gives you time to identify any problems for us to address at the end of this period.

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