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The Isle of Skye – a place we call home, where the wild weather matches the raw beauty of the landscape. And an environment that demands an innovative prefabricated house design that uses high-quality, durable, and sustainable materials and processes and a clever construction system that minimizes initial time to achieve wind and water tightness on site - all while being sympathetic to its timeless surroundings.

The R.HOUSE self-build home design, prefabrication process and modular construction has been conceived to achieve all of this and more.

Award Winning Architectural Designs

Our R.HOUSE homes have been carefully designed by Skye architects, Rural Design.

Building a house is like embarking on any long-term relationship; the decision should be based on more than just good looks. We take aesthetics seriously but devote equal attention to the things you don’t see. We specify materials, components, and building assemblies that provide the highest performance, lowest maintenance, and longest service of any on the market.

Our design philosophy starts with the site and the landscape – engaging outwards to the view and the natural light. We then focus on the social functions and occupants' comfort and well-being.

When we come across a challenging site in an incredible landscape, it’s a wonderful opportunity to try and work with this philosophy and create something truly magical, where each element has been carefully considered and chosen for its suitability, sustainability and durability.

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The layout and design of each R.HOUSE are deliberately simple, keeping the cost of construction down yet allowing for a range of different options for our clients.

With a crisp and contemporary appearance, the designs are based on traditional simplicity well suited to the Highland landscape and hard-to-develop sites.

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R.HOUSE are committed to environmental, economic and social sustainability principles. We consider everything we do as a business for sustainability, not just our timber-framed houses.

We are passionate about using responsibly sourced, sustainable materials where possible and energy-efficient methods and components.

Our R.HOUSE homes have a high level of insulation, airtightness and ventilation.

Heating in the house is provided by an Air Source Heat Pump system that also heats the water. This, combined with a Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation system, makes R.HOUSE homes comfortable for their occupants and exceptionally economical to run.

R.HOUSE windows are more than a beautiful accessory; they are energy-efficient Scandinavian (Nordan) high-performance double-glazed, pre-finished timber with a U-value of 1.2W/m2K.

In addition to our finished product, our prefabrication and build processes are developed to be safer, cleaner (reducing waste and carbon emissions), efficient and allow work in all weathers, thus ensuring swift production and cost certainty.

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The exterior of the R.HOUSE is deliberately restrained and simple. But everything has been chosen to keep the inclement weather out, with little ongoing maintenance, while keeping the occupants comfortable.

The timber cladding is naturally durable, and the vertical board-on-board construction lends itself to off-site construction. The simple form is available in a range of colours to fit into the landscape. The R.HOUSE can be constructed with a rendered finish. This option may increase construction time but may better suit some situations.

The roof is durable corrugated sheeting, or if the client wishes can be upgraded to natural slate or aluminium.

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Prefabricated Construction

Think of modular and prefabricated construction, which may conjure up images of ‘off the peg’ mass-produced houses of average quality. But with R.HOUSE, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Our prefabricated modular self-build homes on the Isle of Skye bring together the speed of construction and cost certainty with a handmade, high-quality build that withstands the rigours of the Highlands and Islands.

Modular building techniques lend themselves particularly well to high-quality, sustainable rural house construction. Each R.HOUSE is individually handmade in our specially designed workshop on the Isle of Skye, thus allowing us to offer our clients the flexibility to change or add individual design features to create their dream homes.

The pre-fabrication process provides a controlled building environment where we can achieve the highest levels of build quality compared to a traditional build and a 90% reduction in manufacturing waste.

We are the only construction company in Scotland to have our own crane attached to a custom-made lorry, which means we can deliver and erect the prefabricated panels in one delivery. This reduces our CO2 emissions because we make fewer trips and proves invaluable on sites where space to maneuver is at a premium.

The simplicity of the clever construction system allows the house to slot together even on the most challenging sites. In a rural location where we often must fight against inclement weather, we can erect the outside and be wind and watertight in around 7 hours.

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A huge thank you to R.HOUSE for helping my dreams become a reality! You guys were wonderful to work with!

Matt Millward, R2.5, Achnacree Bay

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