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Our cleverly designed RF3 home features three bedrooms and an open plan kitchen/living/dining area.

Available from £195,119

This single storey, three bedroom home is compact yet spacious. Its three generous bedrooms all have ample storage and centre around a large family bathroom.

The entrance into the RF3 features a large porch and utility space. This design benefits from an open plan kitchen/living/dining area.

Elevations RF3

As with all R.HOUSE designs, the RF3 benefits from high levels of insulation and air tightness, providing a comfortable and efficient home.

To find out more about building your own R.HOUSE click here.


You can, of course, upgrade your R.HOUSE to your own requirements and taste.

Typical upgrades include:

  • A wood burning stove
  • A porch or utility room
  • Extra glazing to maximise views
  • An ensuite
  • Shelving
  • Create an open plan living/kitchen/dining area
  • Natural slate roof
  • Internal decoration
  • Engineered oak flooring/tiling on floors and bathrooms
  • Kitchen and bathroom upgrades
  • Triple glazed windows
  • Aluminium clad windows
  • Decking or external slabbing

The list of upgrades above is not exhaustive. Talk to us about what you would like to do and we can advise on whether or not it is possible, how much it will add to the cost and any timescale implications. We will include the cost of any upgrades you require in our firm price, mentioned above.