A hassle-free, affordable and energy-efficient house

With the rising costs of fuel and press coverage of growing fuel poverty in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland it is timely that a new company has emerged offering houses that require no traditional or costly heating system. Other challenges facing the Highlands are the availability of affordable homes, in particular for our young people and the length of time for house build projects to be completed, especially in un-predictable weather conditions.

Building a low energy eco-house is normally associated with a complex, costly project which usually involves alternative energy sources. By taking a different approach to the design and materials used in construction, a house that requires no high running cost heating system can be achieved.

R.HOUSE have developed a design that with high levels of insulation – all the heat necessary for it can be provided by a simple wood burning stove.

The house is sealed and airtight with an inbuilt heat recovery ventilation system. The heat recovery system moves hot air from the warm areas in the house and then transfers it to the incoming fresh air. The warmed fresh air is then circulated around the house keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.

If the house is left empty for any period of time then an in-line heater within the system can be used to boost the heating. Alternatively for days of intense heat and indian summers the system can be switched to provide cooling!

The experienced architects and construction team behind R.HOUSE have put together a range of house designs that are pre-fabricated in custom designed manufacturing facilities on the Isle of Skye.

The precision process ensures that houses have the highest quality finish and are ready for final assembly in a short period of time. With a typical on-site construction time of 7 weeks – new house project times are significantly reduced.

The impact for people planning a new build is tremendous – reduced building costs, superior finish and ready to move in the day they planned. A hassle free, affordable and energy efficient house.

R.HOUSE prices start from £128,500for a two bedroom home.

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